January Meeting Recap

It’s barely been 12 hours since our first meeting of the year ended, so while it’s all fresh in my brain here are some highlights.

Sindy with her baby quilt

1. Lots of people were wearing handmade name tags. Please feel free to make your own name tag to wear to the meetings. Such a tiny project is a great way to try a new technique (I did mitered corners for the first time).

Courtney Johnston with her baby quilt for her niece

2. We had a surprise guest speaker! As skilled Registered Massage Therapist and crafter, Ray Ranger knew exactly the stretches to show us to help prevent neck, shoulder and wrist pain. Watch for a full post about his talk in the next few days.

Martha with her bento box quilt

3. As always, we’re looking for volunteers. If you are interested in doing a 10-20 minute talk to the group about one of the following topics please contact an executive member. Improv piecing, curved piecing, binding techniques, quilt labels, and flickr/online swaps, or anything else. You don’t have to do a how-to – we are open to any format you want to share your skill or interest.

Louise Jackson with her silk wedding dress quilt

4. The first sew-in is happening next weekend (Sunday, January 30th). Please contact Louise if you have any questions about the event or would like to sign up.

Krista Hennebury with her Dresden Plate

5. Starting today we are opening up the last 8 spots at the February 26th retreat up to those who are not members of the guild but still love modern quilting. If you are interested in one of these spots please contact Krista directly. The remaining spots are first-come first-served.

6. We have received a few mentorship forms but so far none pair up easily. If you’re a member interested in the program please send your answers to the mentorship form to Jessica. The more people interested the more likely there will be matches made.

7. Paul presented our next challenge to make 12″x12″ block based on Elizabeth Hartman’s Mod Mosaic Floor pillow. Louise donated an amazing assortment of red, black and white fabrics, and Paul provided strips in Kona Snow. Paul put together a Mod Mosaic Flickr Gallery to give you some ideas. The completed blocks will be assembled into a guild quilt.

Sonja Callaghan with her Halloween Quilt of Awesomeness

8. Sonja has put over 300 new meeting pictures into the Flickr group. You can blog them directly from flickr, or email her for copies. If you’re posting any guild pictures online, please remember to credit the photographer and the quiltmaker.

Terry Aske with her Project Quilting Primary Colours Quilt

9. Among the many amazing pieces shown during show and tell, Terry showed us a quilt she made for the online challenge called “Project Quilting“. Visit their blog before 5pm today to vote for your favourite (*cough*TerryAskeArtQuilts*cough) and find out how to participate in the next round of Season 2.

Berene Campbell (one of the new faces!) with her Valentine’s apron

It was lovely to see some new faces, as well as many regulars. Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible next month. The next meeting is 7-9pm, Thursday, February 17th, 2011 at Spool of Thread Sewing Lounge.

Image credit: the photos in this post were taken by Holly Broadland (who is very sorry that she didn’t capture any of the fabulous handmade name tags to share!)

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  1. A great start to the new year! Can’t wait to see Sonja’s photos of all the nametags, there were lots of creative ideas!

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