Challenge: Self-Portrait


A few meetings ago, the executive members (and the meeting attendees) were wowed by the self-portrait that Sharon Holmes made. When we had to come up with a challenge at the last minute this month, we jumped on the opportunity to play with this idea. Then, by coincidence, Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine is running a reader contest in their July/August issue on this exact theme using mixed media.

So here are the guidelines:

Make a small quilt that can be described as a self-portrait – go realistic or go abstract. The contest is asking for a 6×6 inch piece, but if you don’t plan on entering we’re giving no size requirements. The only requirement other than theme is that you incorporate at least one item into your finished project that is NOT quilting cotton, basic thread, or batting/stabilizer.

Here’s a bit of inspiration I put together: Flickr Gallery

If you want to enter the contest read these carefully: Contest Rules

Also, for those of you who didn’t finish their Bottled Rainbows block, we will still be accepting them at our August 18th meeting.

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