Member Spotlight: Janet A.

Welcome to the first of many posts that show off the amazing talent and enthusiasm we have in our guild.  I gave Janet ten questions and she chose six to respond to.  Enjoy!

What is your first quilting memory?

This one goes back quite a long time.  I learnt to machine sew when I was 9,
but my first memories of sewing by hand were doing those little tracer
stitcheries they put out for kids that my Nana gave me for Christmas
probably when I was 6 or so. (big blunt needles, yarn, and little cards with
pictures on them with holes punched all around). Shortly after learning to
machine sew I remember making and quilting an eye glass case for my Nana –
yellow Fortrel it was, and I quilted a crosshatch and a little flower into
it, as a Christmas present.  Growing up, if it was too wet and cold to be
outside playing, if I didn’t have a book in my hand, chances are it was a
needle and thread.

Winter Frost

Winter Frost (photo by Janet Archibald)

What is the finished quilt you are most proud of?

That’s a tough one – I’m very proud of the first bed-size quilt I designed
and made a few years ago, Winter Frost, that is currently on our bed.  It
was the first good size project that I free motion quilted , and it was a
real learning experience, but it made me realize that with practice, I could
do this!

I’m also very proud of my “There’s Medication For That” quilt made this past
year for the Robert Kaufman Kona Solids challenge. I saw the finished quilt
so clearly in my mind’s eye, and was very pleased that I was able to
re-produce it.

There's Medication for That

There's Medication for That (photo by Janet Archibald)

What new technique or pattern is highest on your list to learn or do?

Right at the top of my wish to do pattern list – and they are fighting each
other for top billing, are a Wholecloth quilt, Spiderweb quilt and a Dresden
Plate quilt – all of them I’m hoping to make in the coming year.  Growing
up, we had a couple of Dresden Plate quilts that were my favourites, and
I’ve always said I was going to make one.  The Spiderweb will be a great way
to use up the stash of scraps I’ve accumulated, and the whole cloth will let
me work on my quilting technique.  I’ve got an idea in mind for the Dresden
Plate to give it a modern twist, so I’m hoping that works out!

What is “Modern Quilting” to you?

To me, Modern Quilting is all about attitude – a can do attitude.  Taking
traditional patterns and through the use of fabrics, turning them into
something very different – more relaxed, less stodgy, if you will.  Colours
are bright and clear, lots of use of solids.  Modern quilters are
enthusiastic, generous and broad minded.  There is a willingness to try new
things and to be open to new ideas.  Modern Quilting embraces modern
technology – there is so much inspiration and sharing that goes on through
the web.  It is wonderful!  I like all kinds of quilting, so some days I
fall cleanly into the Modern Quilting side of things, and other days I’m
very much a traditionalist!

The Wedding Quilt

The Wedding Quilt (photo by Janet Archibald)

What kind of sewing machine(s) do you have?

I have 3 sewing machines.  My favourite machine and the one  I do almost all
my piecing on is a Husqvarna Viking Lily 555  – I also use it for a lot of
my free motion quilting.  I also have a Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter, that
I quilt my larger pieces on as it has a larger throat, so is easier to
manoeuver the quilts around.  My third machine is a Pfaff Creative Vision
embroidery machine that just doesn’t get used as much any more since I’ve
fallen in love with FMQ!

Sunny Days

Sunny Days (photo by Janet Archibald)

Pretend it’s a cold winter day and you’re spending it snuggled up on the couch with your favourite quilt…What are you eating and/or drinking?

Oh, let’s see – I probably have a glass of red wine nearby,  and if I’m
completely spoiling myself, some wonderful dark chocolate truffles – heaven!

Thanks so much Janet! You can learn more about Janet by visiting her blog, What Comes Next?, and you can see more of her work in her Flickr photostream

Our next Spotlight will be posted in early January. 

3 responses to “Member Spotlight: Janet A.

  1. Louise Jackson

    Yes you can do attitude and its been so much fun getting to know you and everyone else at VMQG!

  2. Janet,
    You are such an inspiration to those who know you. I love your enthusiasm for your creativity and your generous spirit for sharing your talented skills with your friends.

  3. Great article! I’m always impressed with Janet’s creativity and workmanship. I can’t wait to see all those items that are on your to-do list.

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