Member Spotlight: Sky M.

Here’s our latest Member Spotlight. I am enjoying seeing how each of you approach your answers. Enjoy learning about Sky this month.

What is your first quilting memory?

I have always loved fabrics and sewing, so when my aunt introduced quilting to me, I was hooked. Sewing various colours and shapes together to create a functional, beautiful quilt was and still is a delightful, rewarding endeavour.

The UQE’s (ugliest quilts ever) can be recut, refashioned and reworked into something beautiful, nothing is ever a loss when thinking outside of the box. It’s so much fun to explore the possibilities.

What is “Modern Quilting” to you?

Modern quilting to me can be the combination of bold and bright prints and plains with some traditional blocks used in an untraditional way, all the way to freeform shapes randomly sewn together in a pleasing combination. It’s an art form limited only by my imagination (or stash). When what I make is to be given away, a traditional pattern in thoroughly modern colours on one side would have a non-traditional fun design on the other. Satisfies my inner rebel.

What is your favorite moment as a guild member so far?

I love being a member of our Guild. It’s hard to pinpoint one favourite moment, rather it’s a collage of highlights: warm greetings, show and tell, coffee times, retreat days, inspiration, encouraging remarks…….great times.

What kind of sewing machine(s) do you have?

All of my piecing and quilting happens on my Bernina 630, my backup machine is a Bernina as well. I have never sent a quilt ‘out’ to be quilted, preferring a free-motion design of my own.

What new technique or pattern is highest on your list to learn or do?

Part of personal growth in any design process is learning new techniques and incorporating them into projects. Ansa Breytenbach, a New Zealander, has caught my imagination with her combination of appliquéd curves, quilt ribbons, pieced squares and vibrant colours. Her pieces are fascinating and challenging. Definitely some skills there that I would like to learn.

Pretend it’s a cold winter day and you’re spending it snuggled up on the couch with your favorite quilt…What are you eating and/or drinking?
On a cold day like today, you may find me in front of my fireplace, drinking my new favourite tea, Mint Yerba Matte, and ……knitting……or reading……..or writing…….or dreaming and planning my next project.

Lovely answers Sky! If you want to learn more about Sky you’re going to have to ask her at one of our meetings. 

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  1. So proud of my wonderful mama. Hope to be as cool as she is one day <3

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