April Silk Tie Challenge

It’s Earth Day this weekend and we thought a reuse challenge would be the perfect way to combine quilting and environmentalism! The guild received a donation of silk ties from a businessman who was retiring and we’re going to upcycle them into an improv quilt. Here’s what you need to know to get started:

Materials you will need:

  • Bundle of donated silk ties (if you missed picking up a bundle at our April 19th meeting, contact Amy at secretary@vancouvermodernquiltguild.ca)
  • White quilting cotton (any white will do, please avoid cream)
  • 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper

Using your sheet of paper as a foundation, alternate the ties and white cotton to create stripes that run lengthwise on the paper (11 inches long). Leave your edges a little larger than the paper to allow space for trimming. Your tie stripes can either be made from one tie, or several pieced together. Please leave the sheet of paper attached.

Tip from Amy: use lots of pins, and UHU glue to tack it in place.

All the finished blocks will be assembled into a group quilt. This quilt will eventually be a fundraiser with a portion going to the guild and a portion going to a charity that will be chosen over the next few months.

From Suzanne Gray of Portland, Oregon who made our inspiration quilt:

My piecing style was quite liberated– I alternated wonky strips of white with whole and pieced tie sections, then trimmed them down…. It was really easy!

Photos of Suzanne’s Tie Quilt: http://www.flickr.com/photos/60856884@N02/galleries/72157629839598015

Photos in this post by Sonja Callaghan.

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