Amy’s Bigger List of Non-Zipper Closures

Are you excited about making a pouch yet? After you check out all of these links, you’re going to want to make tons of pouches!


First, some eye candy –

(wanna see the inspiration pics closer up, or see who made them? check out the mosaic on flickr for links!)

There are tons of wonderful pouches made without zippers, and there are so many different closure options out there. As I was saying at the guild meeting, using an alternative closure often means that the closure is more of a design feature than it would be with a zipper. While a zipper sort of fades into the background, buttons or frames can really make a statement!


Metal Snap Frames are super trendy right now, and they’re not nearly as scary as you think they are! This is a rather long list, but they come in different shapes and sizes, and the square ones are a bit different from the rounded ones. If you’re using a metal frame, open up the package first thing! Most frames come with a pattern that will fit the frame perfectly, but you might not realize it until you get to that step!


Another fun option is a magnetic snap, which you would use with a flap. Magnetic snaps can be purchased at  fabric stores, and even at craft stores. They’re really easy to put in, and have a very finished look.


Flex Frames can be really great, and they’re so easy to install. If you know how to sew a drawstring casing, you can make a flex frame pouch! (using a metal tape measure instead of a purchased flex frame)


And speaking of drawstrings, they’re a great pouch closure too!


Buttons are awesome closures, because they give you the opportunity to really showcase a gorgeous vintage button. If you don’t have any tucked away in your stash, new buttons are great too! Button, Button is a great source for fancy buttons, but I’ve been surprised by how pretty some of the buttons at Fabricland are as well. And of course, there’s always Dressew! Dressew also has a very good price for large covered button kits, which are a great way to showoff a small piece of gorgeous fabric.


If you’re not so comfortable with buttonholes, buttons work great with loops of cording or elastic too.


A less commonly seen button closure is with a piece of ribbon or cording that is wrapped around one or two buttons, like a folio.


And let’s not forget about the lowly snap! As you can see in the mosaic above, they make great closures.

Though the snaps should come with instructions, reading about other people’s techniques can be helpful.


Make a sample of your pouch before you make your fancy swap pouch, so that you can try out your technique in advance. That will also give you a chance to perfect your pattern without ruining anything that you’ve put a lot of work into!


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