We’ve reached 200 likes on facebook!

When I took a look at our VMQG facebook fan page this morning, I realized that we’d reached the milestone of 200 likes! Thanks to everyone who likes us and especially to those who engage with our page and post comments! We’re always updating the page with events, so if you’d like to know about upcoming meetings, workshops, sew-ins, quilt shows and more, be sure to like our page.

We’d love to have even more activity on the page! We encourage you to post photos of your modern quilts, works in progress, and VMQG challenges. Please feel free to ask for advice on projects you’re working on, share your tips about the best local fabric stores, and keep us up to date on modern quilting news. One facebook tip I’ve learned is that you see more items from a page if you’ve interacted with that page. If you just liked us once and haven’t commented on or liked a post, you may not be seeing VMQG items in your facebook feed. So come on by our page and join the conversation!

Technical note: We have both a VMQG facebook fan page and a VMQG facebook account (a “person” you can be friends with). Please like the page and ignore the account. The page shows up under pages when you do a search (yay!), the account shows up under people (ignore). The person is just for admin purposes and if you’ve already become friends with them, please unfriend them, it won’t hurt our feelings! If you want to tag the VMQG in a post, type @ first and then start typing Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild.

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