Flickr: Getting Started

During the September and October meetings, Sonja and Felicity spoke about Flickr.

Sonja’s talk was about getting started, and Felicity covered the social aspect of Flickr (groups).

Sonja prepared a document to support her presentation, and it’s here: Finding your way through Flickr

Here are a few tips on navigating the Groups on Flickr. You can usually look at photos in a group without joining it, but if you want to add photos or contribute to discussions (or even see discussions in some cases), you will need to join the group. In this example, let’s pretend you’re interested in Groups that are about Kaffe Fassett.

1. To search for a group, click on the dropdown menu beside Groups along the top toolbar and click Search for a Group.

2. In the search box, type a key word to help you find your group.

3. Then choose your group from the results.

Click to enlarge

4. Click on the name of the group to open it up and click Join This Group if you want to.

Join This Group

5. Here are some features of a group. To add photos to a group, just click Add Photos.

A Tour of a Group

6. Once you’ve got some groups on the go,  you can quickly go to Your Groups  by simply clicking Groups on the top toolbar. You can also use the dropdown menu and select Your Groups.

Get to Your Groups

7. And here’s what your list of Groups will look like once you’ve got a few.

Activity in Your Group

Hope that helps you get started enjoying all the benefits of Flickr! Just start playing – you’ll discover all kinds of interesting things!

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