Faces of the Guild

Sometimes it’s not easy remembering who’s who at Guild meetings, especially if people aren’t wearing nametags (there’s a challenge for that!).

And if you’re new to the guild (or even if you’re not new), it might seem to you as though everyone knows everyone else — except for you!

We have set up a fun discussion thread in the VMQG Flickr Group called Faces of the Guild, and you’re encouraged to add a photo of yourself in the thread so that other members will know who you are.

There is a separate discussion thread with instructions on how to do add a Flickr photo to any discussion thread post in the Group, and here they are as well. Note that the photo needs to have been uploaded to Flickr, but it doesn’t have to be added to the VMQG group:

1. Click on the photo to open it.
2. Click on the Share drop-down menu above the photo.
3. Click Grab the link (it’s the second option) and copy the URL.
4. Open the discussion thread to which you want to add a reply with photo (handy to do this in another tab or window).
5. Add your photo by pasting the URL between square brackets.
6. Click post now.

You’re done!

Why not check out the thread and add your photo!

One response to “Faces of the Guild

  1. what a great idea – I’ve added a picture