Member Spotlight: Paul Krampitz

February’s Member Spotlight features Paul Krampitz!


Paul is a long-time VMQG member who is the mastermind behind many of the challenges we’ve done as a guild over the years.

Paul with another sample

Paul's VMQG July challenge sample block

When did you start quilting?

I think I finished my first quilt in 1986.  It all started when I saw the owner of the quilt store that used to be on Dunbar Street using a rotary cutter and rulers.  Suddenly quilting looked fun with the cool tools and new techniques.  The oldest quilt that I made that is still local is from 1998.  The older quilts were all made for people who have moved away with the quilts.


Why do you quilt?

I love the creative part of quilting.  I love figuring out how to reproduce something I’ve seen online and then changing it up to make it my own.  I love the geometry that’s involved in patchwork.

Paul's VMQG challenge block #2

Where do you get inspiration?

I get most of my inspiration from other quilters.  I happily “steal” ideas I see in other quilts.  I love the guild show and tell time.  There’s so many great ideas presented and I immediately think of ways to adapt them to the fabrics I have or for a niece or nephew.  I read lots of quilt blogs and check out modern quilts on flickr all the time.  Sometimes a photo makes me want to try something in its colours, or a floor or wall suggests a great pattern that might work as a quilt.  I have saved photos of the Large Hadron Collider that would make a great quilt.  I really like the style of Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr.  They have published several books on quilting and have a great quilt design magazine that comes out 4 times a year called Modern Quilts Illustrated.  And, they’re going to be at Quiltcon!!

Hadron Collider
Hadron Collider

What is your favourite project?

Whatever I’m working on is my favourite project.  I have so many quilts on the go at a time and usually work on all of them.  I do usually get the tops done and that’s were they stay.  I move on to another project.  There’s very few quilts that don’t get that far.  I am trying to come up with complementary ideas that would work for the back of the quilt.  It’s the only way I get the tops actually quilted.


What the one tool/notion you couldn’t possibly do without?

I love finding out about new gizmos that make piecing easier.  I love my collection of wedge shaped rulers.  I have 72 degree, 60 degree, 45 degree, 36 degree, 30 degree, 18 degree and 10 degree rulers. I really love the shapes you can get to interlock with them.


Where do you create?

My sewing area and bedroom are side by side with a large connecting open area.  It’s a sunny (in Vancouver?) room with huge windows facing west, and north and south. I just need to figure out how to organize my stash and work area so that things are easy to find and not such a pain to put away.

I do most of my piecing on a little Featherweight 221.  It’s so old fashioned, small and does only one thing – stitch a straight line.  What else does a quilter need?

I do my quilting on an old Singer my parents bought just after their wedding in the late 50s.  It’s the only machine I could get to properly work with a darning foot.

What is one thing that VMQG members may not know about you?

I bought a condo with a friend 3 years ago.  It’s in a converted 100 year old historic building that used to be a reform school for girls.  Each Halloween we put up a display on the front arcade of the building that tells a bit about life in the reform school 100 years ago.

QuiltCon Charity Quilt top by Paul

What do you do when you’re not quilting?

I don’t understand the question.  Not quilting? I’m in a community band that meets in the Oakridge Seniors Centre.  I play the euphonium.  It looks like a small tuba and sounds euphonious.  I work at BCIT in their Educational Technologies area supporting our learning management software and other Ed Tech software.

Paul's Kona Challenge quilt


Thank you, Paul! If you’re interested in being featured in our Member Spotlight, drop Felicity a line at socialmedia AT vancouvermodernquiltguild DOT ca.

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  1. Paul, I always love your work, but did you do all those tiny pieced strips for the Quiltcon quilt? Wow, I can wait to see it in person in Austin!

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