April Challenge: Scrappy Japanese x and + Block Lottery

The April challenge is another block lottery! The more you make, the better your odds of winning a bunch of blocks!

This time, we’re making scrappy Japanese x and + blocks, (10½” unfinished or 10″ finished). Here is a photo of Amy’s sample:

not only did I basically get nothing done today, I also stayed up ridiculously late. I'd blame DST, but really, it's  nothing new! I did get this block made though! I gave up on my attempt to make it super scrappy and used all the same fabric for the X, t(Our) Amy’s diagonals are all pink, but you can totally scrap it up.

The tutorial for putting the block together can be found here at Amy (Badskirt)’s blog.  Note that her block finishes at 7½” so follow these cutting instructions:

For a 10″ finished block, you’ll need:

  • two 2½” squares and one 2½” x 6½” strip for the centre cross;
  • four 2½” squares for the ends of the cross;
  • four 4½” squares for the X
  • eight 2½” squares for the background triangles

Go ahead and make as many as you like – you probably won’t be able to stop at just one! In fact, the tutorial notes that these blocks chain-piece very nicely.

Dig in your scrap bin and have fun!

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