To Boston With Love – Flags are being installed today

Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild members with their flags, photo by Stacey Day

Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild members with their flags, photo by Stacey Day

I thought I’d pop in with a quick update on “To Boston With Love” as so many people are following along with this story and eagerly awaiting a chance to see the flags hanging in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. On Monday, May 20th, the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild met and we collected all 92 flags made by VMQG members. Berene Campbell (seated in the middle, wearing a pink top and jeans), who came up with this idea, gathered up the flags and quickly headed home to pack them into her carry-on for a flight from Vancouver to Boston the next day.

May 21st was the deadline to have flags arrive in Boston and Amy Friend received 150 flags that day. She was able to check her mail again on May 22nd and the last I heard from Berene, the grand total was 1428 and counting!

Today is installation day and Berene and Amy have been posting photos to Instagram. It’s fantastic to see the buntings strung across the gorgeous, airy space of the Shapiro Family Courtyard.

If you’d like to follow along, you can see the photos here:


If you’re in Boston this weekend, the Museum of Fine Arts will be open for free and in addition to the display of flags, they have other special exhibits for their Memorial Day Community Weekend. If you can’t make it this weekend, we’re happy to announce that the dates have been extended for the flag installation and you’ll be able to view them until Sunday, July 7th.

Thanks to the hundreds of quilters and non-quilters from all continents (excepting Antarctica!) and nearly every US State who contributed to this project!

4 responses to “To Boston With Love – Flags are being installed today

  1. Dear VMQG,
    Today a friend and I visited the MFA here in Boston and saw the dazzling display of flags. It is incredible! Thank you so much for coming up with this idea and seeing it through. We really feel the love!
    I am proud to say that our guild contributed 29 flags and it was a real thrill to see them in the museum. Thank you again!

  2. China Blue

    I understand that the quilts will be traveling. I missed the call and would like to participate, will you be accepting more at this point?

  3. Ellen Terry

    Thank you to all of you for reaching out to us in Boston. My friends and I made a few flags for the display. It gave us an occasion to be together doing what we love to do, enjoying some “talk therapy”, and discussing what we love about our way of life. While it is very disheartening to see the continuing acts of terror (London), hope must outlast horror.
    People of good will are everywhere and it helps to look for those who are helping in these tragic situations. Thank you!

  4. Joshua Guerra

    Dear VMQG and other contributors,

    I am at the MFA as I am typing this. I just wanted to share how touching this display is. I have only been a resident of this city for the past year but it encourages me to see how strong of a community the people are here. It is because of all the worldwide support that we can move forward and persevere through tragic events. Thank you so much for your thoughts an your love.

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