June Challenge: Modern Disappearing 9-Patch

Many of you may have made the traditional disappearing 9 patch… it’s a quick and easy block where you take 9 squares and sew them together, usually with a dark square in the middle, medium value squares on each side of the dark square and then bright or light value squares in the corners. Then you cut the block down the center horizontally and vertically to get your blocks, like so:

(images and tutorial for the traditional D9P: http://www.popularpatchwork.com/news/article/disappearing-nine-patch/5294/ )

Kristy Daum of St. Louis Folk Victorian (and president of the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild) has modernized this block with a wonderful tutorial! The results are really striking. The full tutorial can be found here:


The difference between a traditional disappearing 9 patch and what we’ll be making is that instead of using 9 printed fabrics, we’ll be using only 4 and the remainder of the block will be a solid.

For our challenge, we’ll be using 5” squares, and for each block, you’ll need 4 scrappy/bright squares and 5 solid black squares.

Sew the 9 patch together in any number of layouts; the more random, the better.

Cut your block horizontally and vertically down the center, leaving you with 4 blocks:

We will be doing this challenge as a block lottery again this month…  In order to be able to maximize the amount of print mixing, we’ve changed the challenge slightly from what was presented at the meeting.  After the above 2 steps, please don’t sew your 4 blocks back together into a larger block.  This should allow for maximum randomization of the prints should you win the block lottery.  Each 4 (smaller) blocks you turn in will give you 1 ticket towards the block lottery.

One response to “June Challenge: Modern Disappearing 9-Patch

  1. The change in plan is a great idea, but oops! Too late! I’ve already sewn the blocks back together. Hope that’s gonna be okay for the block lottery.