Member Spotlight: Krista Hennebury

July’s Member Spotlight features self-described bag-lady and quilter extraordinaire, Krista Hennebury.

ART_1478Krista with the pouch she received in our swap with the Portland MQG

QR Code Quilt by Poppyprint
Krista created the VMQG’s QR code quilt (scan it – it works!)

When did you start quilting?

I started by signing up for a row by row class with Jacquie Thaysen at the Cloth Shop in 2001. That quilt is not finished. Apparently, it set the tone for my quilting career of UFO’s.

Why do you quilt?

I love fabric, pattern and colour. I enjoy sewing straight lines and creating beautiful, functional things. It has been pointed out to me that I might have to change my job description from “Quilter” to “Bag Lady” because the only projects I seem to finish these days are bags of all kinds: totes, purses, pouches, luggage. You name it – I have a bag for it.

A Two-Zip Hipster fit for France

Buttercup bag for Jen

What is your favourite project?

Usually whatever I’m working on is my favourite, but if I had to choose just one, it would be my Blackbird Fly quilt. After more than 10 years of quilting for others, this was the first quilt I created for our bed and I love sleeping under it.

Blackbird Fly by Poppyprint

Where do you create?

After years of sewing at the dining room table and storing fabric in our bedroom, I am very fortunate to now have a tiny (8’ x 9’) upstairs room to sew in. It’s got a south-facing window with a lovely view towards downtown Vancouver and just enough room for my table, ironing board and stash. I covered one entire wall with batting-covered insulation sheets for a big design wall that just might be my favourite thing about the space!

Full Circle by Poppyprint

Where do you find inspiration?

Pretty much everywhere: quilting books, magazines and blogs, my travel photos, beautiful large print fabric, tile floors, pop art

birdhouse fence wool mini by Poppyprint

What is your favourite tool/notion?

Without a doubt, it is my Purple Thang(s)….I have 4 of them.

Queen of the Dresdens by Poppyprint

What’s one thing we might not know about you?

I’m a pretty open book, so I doubt there is anything. My allergy to the colour brown is common knowledge. Hmmmm, maybe that I am going to London this month to meet all of my UK bloggy friends and participate in the Fat Quarterly Retreat?!

Liberty Lemonade reversible table cloth

What do you do when you’re not creating/quilting?

I’m probably reading about creating/quilting or looking at what others are creating/quilting, or driving my two teenagers somewhere, or wondering what to make for dinner. If he’s lucky, I take my obnoxious dog for a walk.

Quickie Zippy by Poppyprint


Thank you, Krista! For more on Krista, visit her blog and her Flickr photostream.

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