Woo Hoo! We’ve Got Ourselves an Exhibit!

We’ve got ourselves a bona fide Modern Quilt Exhibit at the Northwest Quilting Expo – 47 quilts were submitted from the following awesome members: Amy, Arita, Diane T., Felicity, Heather, Holly, Janet, Jessica, Jo Ann, Jo-Anne, Kaye, Krista, Kristen, Michelle, Niki, Paula, Sonja, Stacey D., Stacey M., Terry.  BIG thanks to you!

ALL will be displayed in the exhibit, along with 5 group guild quilts including our banner and our guild logo colours quilt! We’re so excited!

VMQG June 2013 meeting

A few details:

1. Please make sure each one of your quilts has a 4″ hanging sleeve attached. You can stitch it on or use safety pins (not straight pins!) to attach it. Two tutorials on making hanging sleeves are here and here.

2. Include your name and at least an email address on your quilt’s label.

3. Deliver your quilt(s) at the September 16th guild meeting. For ease of transportation and to minimize creases, wrap your quilt around a foam pool noodle and put it in a clear plastic bag.

4. Pat yourself on the back – you’re part of the first exhibit of VMQG quilts!

Thanks again to members to entered quilts – thanks to you, we’re being beautifully represented in Portland this September.

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