241 Tote Workshop Recap

One lovely (and early!) Sunday morning in late October, a number of us gathered in a second floor room on the Langara campus.  Our goal?  To learn to make the fabulous Noodlehead 241 Tote bag.  And leading us on this endeavour was self-described “Bag Lady” Krista Hennebury!

P1010103teaching is serious business!

There were 14 VMQG members in attendance, and of course, true to form, a number of us wanted to alter the pattern to suit our own tastes.  Bunch of rule-breakers, we are.

We all got down to work right away…

241collage1 241collage2

Krista also took some time to show everyone who was interested how to make a slider for a longer strap, to turn the shoulder bag version of the 241 tote into a cross-body bag.


After a long day and with excellent instruction from Krista… we had a bunch of nearly completed 241 totes! (I’m sure they’re all done now, right? Everyone went straight home and finished their totes up? *nudge nudge*)

241collage3works in progress…

I bullied everyone into one last class photo to show off the labours of the day.  Thanks to Krista for taking this photo so I could actually be in the picture! Look at the smiles on all those happy tote-makers!


2 thoughts on “241 Tote Workshop Recap

  1. Oh my, we do look rather serious about our sewing in that first photo, don’t we? Good thing there was lots of laughter going on outside the instruction-zone. Thanks for writing about the class Heather – it was a great day. I loved seeing all of the different fabric combinations people chose and how they adapted Anna’s pattern to suit their individual needs. It’s a pleasure to teach enthusiastic friends!

  2. I had such a good time Krista – great class lots of fun and my bag is nearly done – fingers crossed it will be ready this weekend. Thanks for taking the photos Heather.

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