Improv Bulls-eye Pillow workshop – AKA taking the fear out of curved piecing!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to machine-piece curves? Why not sign up for Amy’s workshop?  Your last chance to do so in person is at our meeting coming up on Monday, January 20th. The cut-off for registration is February 9th and registration is now open to non-VMQG members.

It’s on Sunday, February 23rd, 2014 and registration is $50 ($55 for non-members).

This class is an excellent first foray into curved piecing… In this class, Amy will teach you to sew improv curves, talk about a few tips to make ¼ circles seem less scary, and look at different ways to use ¼ circle. You’ll learn how to install a zipper, piece, quilt and assemble a pillow and you’ll leave with a finished project and tons of ideas for more!

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Event: Improv Bull’s-Eye Pillow Workshop with Amy Dame

Date: Sunday February 23rd, 2014

Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Place: Art Gallery, Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5N 4E4

Cost: $50 for VMQG members, $55 for non-members

Sign-up: Please email Niki at

Payment: Please pay at the meeting when you sign up, send your payment to via PayPal, or send a cheque with a note that it’s for the workshop to:
Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild
PO Box 78037 RPO Grandview
Vancouver, BC V5N 5W1

Amy Dame has been a member of the executive for the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild since 2010, a member of the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild since 2011, and pretty much has quilting on the brain 24-7. After sewing for more than 20 years, she’s a fount of random knowledge, and totally geeks out about sharing it with anyone who’ll listen. Amy’s teaching philosophy is centered around the idea that it’s great to learn the “proper techniques”, but whatever way works for you is the best way to do it! She blogs at glitter, vinyl and thread, some of the time.


5 responses to “Improv Bulls-eye Pillow workshop – AKA taking the fear out of curved piecing!

  1. So close and yet so far! I always think fondly of returning to Vancouver just in time for a meeting and this month I’m coming so close I can taste it, but we will have to return to Seattle earlier in the day. Way to go Amy, thanks for teaching this class to the Seattle guild last fall, we had a lot of fun.

  2. Love your color combination Looks like a cozy quilt Thanks for sharing

  3. I was wondering if there would be a supply list for the class?

  4. Hi Lori,

    Yes, Amy has a supply list for the class. I’ll get in touch with her and see when she’s planning on sending it out.

  5. D’oh! Sorry the timing didn’t quite work out this time, Chandra! You’re welcome anytime you can make it to a VMQG meeting!

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