VMQG’s First Round Robin: a Modern Medallion

We’re so excited to launch an exciting opportunity for VMQG members: our first-ever Round Robin! Members of the Round Robin group will have the opportunity to contribute a different modern medallion quilt each month. Check out VMQG’s Round Robin inspiration board here.

The basics:

Registered Round Robin participants will begin with a centre block and each month their block/quilt will rotate among the Round Robin quilters to add borders. Exactly what kind of borders is a surprise – we’ll publish a blog post once a month with instructions for that month. It might be to add a 4” border on adjacent sides, or to add 4 borders using solid fabrics only, incorporating improvisationally pieced triangles in one of them. Subscribe to this blog to get the updates in your inbox as soon as they’re published! There will be 8 rounds, and the final quilt tops will be due at the October meeting.

Participation in the organized Round Robin will be restricted to a maximum of 12 (tbd), and it’s for registered members only, but anyone can participate and make their own modern medallion quilt by following the monthly instructions on the blog, quilt-along style. Suitable for confident beginning quilters.

Finished quilt size will depend on the size of the centre block, but will likely end up at least 40” on the shortest side. Participants won’t share their progress until the final reveal, so that participants can be surprised at the October meeting reveal.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Read on for the initial requirements plus all the Round Robin instructions and guidelines (warning long detailed post ahead!):

– registrations will be taken at the February 17, 2014 VMQG meeting and is open to VMQG members only. At this point, we’re thinking to limit the participants to 12 but please do sign up and we’ll assess how many want to play and make a decision at the February meeting.

– register by creating and bringing your Round Robin Starter Kit (see below) to the February 17, 2014 VMQG meeting and adding your name and contact information to the registration list.

– you can send your Kit with a friend.

 Round Robin Starter Kit

1. Make a centre block around which your medallion quilt will be built. It’s recommended that it be at least 12” to 14” (finished) per side so that it isn’t dwarfed by the various borders that will be attached as the months go on. This blog post has a lot of good tips for thinking about your centre block. The block doesn’t have to be square, but the sides should be straight (no circular blocks), and any one side of your centre block should be no more than 14.5″.

2. Include a journal notebook or pages with your name so people know whose project they’re working on, and can write a little about their process as they work on your quilt. Kick things off by writing the first entry about your starter block – why you chose it, what your wishes are for the finished quilt, what theme you’re going for (if any) etc. This link has a download for free printable round robin journal pages (free registration w/email address required) but any journal will do.

3. Optional: Include up to a metre of any particular fabric you want to have in all borders.

4. Place your kit in a reusable tote/shopping bag but don’t put your name on the front.

How It Works:

 – At the end of February’s meeting, you will be given someone else’s project in their tote bag to take home.

– Instructions for the next step in the Round Robin will be published by the Friday following the meeting.

– You will add to the project per the instructions, using your stash and possibly fabric provided by the person whose project it is. If the project has a theme or colourway specified, follow as requested.

– You’ll bring back the project in its tote bag along with any scraps of that person’s fabric to the next VMQG meeting and hand it in to the Coordinator (Felicity) at the beginning of the meeting

– At the meeting break, you will pick up a different tote containing a project, and take it home to work on per the new instructions that will be published for that month.

– Repeat for each meeting.

– Please keep the project a secret so that the final product is a surprise.

– The Round Robin winds up at the October meeting, when you will receive your Medallion Quilt top back to share at show and tell.

What’s expected of you:

– If you decide to register for the Round Robin, plan to commit for the full 8 months. Things do happen but please realize that you’ll be expected to contribute some time to someone else’s project each month. 

– You will be sewing from your stash, based on that month’s instructions. It’s possible that you may have to purchase a small amount of fabric to ensure the borders you add are appropriate for that month’s project.

– As this is a Modern Round Robin, fabrics should have the modern aesthetic, and be quilt shop quality 100% cotton. If in doubt, contact the Round Robin coordinator (Felicity) for guidance.

– It’s okay to specify colours you don’t want in your project or to say you’d prefer all solids/near-solids. But, please be flexible and open.

– Please follow the fabric guidelines and try to respect people’s wishes about colours or themes.

– Have fun! 🙂

Feel free to email any questions you may have to me at felicity.quilts@gmail.com.

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  1. Hi! I noticed a couple of linkbacks to my blog today from this page. Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll find the information on my site valuable. I do see that the link you’ve used doesn’t go to a post on center blocks. A more direct link might be this one:

    Please forgive me if I’m overstepping bounds here. And don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.

    Catbird Quilt Studio

  2. Thanks, Melanie, for all the great information on your website! We’ve also pinned a number of your links to our Pinterest page.

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