Round Robin: April Assignment

Hello Round Robin participants! How did March’s assignment agree with you? I had fun with some improv triangles.

For April, you’ll be adding 2″ finished (2½” unfinished) borders with cornerstones on all sides of the piece, like so:


Again, the borders in the image are plain and are for illustration purposes. Definitely use your creativity and any wishes noted in the project’s journal to guide you.

This blog post is one in a series. You can find the other posts about the Round Robin by clicking on this post’s tag below. Any questions? Email me!


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  1. This is so much fun. When I got home from our March meeting I couldn’t wait to see what the next steps would be. I’ve already completed the borders and cornerstones on the quilt top I brought home. I must say it’s a lovely one! Thanks very much for organizing this, Felicity. And thank you to everyone who’s participating.

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