Book Review – Make & Love Quilts by Mary Fons

Review by Pam Pollock.

My hero has a book that came out June 1, 2014. I read everything this person writes as it all contains great heart, a quirky way of looking at the world and thought provoking tidbits that I chew on for the rest of the day.

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Our Modern Quilt Guild was asked to review Make & Love Quilts by Mary Fons and I put my name forward.  I, however, could not wait and downloaded it as an ebook this morning.

OOOOOhhhhhhh, I am in heaven. Should I flip right through it and get to the gorgeous pictures? No, It was with great anticipation I read the dedication, the acknowledgements, the introduction, the notes on this book, and a brief history of quiltmaking. I wanted to be in the correct space to see the quilts. Did I say I love everything Mary writes? She may not know it, but I feel we are on a first name basis. She invited me to her book opening! Well, me and everyone who reads her column. I thought about using my aeroplan points to go.

My favourite quilt is in the book — the one that is on all the ads — My Dear, the nine patch with the wonderful row of rolling stone blocks. Oh and I want to make the 25 square block, Hello, There, and the flying geese quilt, Northbound, that is on the cover. And because I was reading and savouring every word I am not even through the book yet. Oh, I can go home and look at more!!!!

My Dear Pattern
My Dear Pattern

Okay, the nitty gritty. I am following the pattern for My Dear. I am making a quilt for my cousin with leftover fabrics from her mom. Her mom was a quilter; she made a quilt for my daughter when she was born. Our grandmother also quilted. See? Mary and I have a lot in common; we come from a family of quilters. I am hopeful this pattern will work with various sized scraps. Not too much commitment from any piece of fabric. Just need a minimum of 4 squares.

I read all Mary’s suggestions for choosing fabrics and pared down my original selection. I kept with the blue and red material. I may branch out if I run short. Not sure what colours I will make the rolling stone blocks.

Pam's fabric selections
Pam’s fabric selections

Here are my sample blocks. I am in love with this quilt. The instructions are clear, if Mary has suggested a way to do something she always references back to the instruction and page number, and the numbers are correct; love that. I am enthused! Cut all the fabric!

Sample Blocks pamsampleblock2

I am paring down the size of the quilt for my cousin. Most of the quilts in this book are queen or king size. As Mary says these quilts are a commitment and you will not be able to finish them in a weekend. That is okay! I am savouring the journey. Each step of the process is to be celebrated and enjoyed. “Quilters are impatient people” but we do love each part of the quilt making process.

As I sew up this quilt I remember the strong wonderful women in my family, the pioneer women who created quilts that were utilitarian and beautiful, and the new generation of quilters starting out. My cousin will be able to wrap herself in this quilt and feel all the love I have for her. Mary Katherine Fons “Make + Love” —  yes it is in every stitch, a complete gift, and a beautiful and thought provoking book.

Photos reprinted from Make + Love Quilts by Mary Fons.  Published by CT/Stash Books.

One thought on “Book Review – Make & Love Quilts by Mary Fons

  1. Hi, Pam?

    When are you going to be in New York City? Because I’d like to buy you lunch. You are a freaking GEM and I so appreciate this review. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    With Love + Gratitude — and Happy Sewing!!!

    p.s. “My Dear” is currently my favorite, too. xoxo

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