June Block Lotto!

At our May meeting I showed samples of Wonky Cross blocks that will be the block lotto for June.

amy and felicity

They’re super beginner friendly, and they’re quick to whip up, but they look fantastic once you have a bunch of them together. I made 8 in just a few hours, so even though we’re late posting this (June snuck up on me!), you’ve still got time to participate!


(thanks Stacey for taking pics!)

The nitty-gritty:

– the palette for the block lotto is AQUA, GREY, YELLOW and WHITE.

colour palette

(all fabrics shown are currently available at Pink Chalk Fabrics, in case you fall in love with any of them!)

– stick with solids and tone on tone prints, or prints that use the palette colours. (ie, a yellow and white print is great; yellow and red won’t match very well!)

– blocks can be any width you like, but they must be trimmed to 10.5″ tall. this will make them all fit together nicely while still having some visual variety. did your block end up too small? just sew another strip of background fabric along the top!

– make as many blocks as you like. every block you bring to meeting is an entry to win all the blocks! (if we have more blocks than needed for one quilt, we’ll draw two winners)

How to make the blocks?

There are two different ways to make Wonky Cross blocks. One way uses two squares of fabric the same size, and in the end, you’ll have two blocks that are the reverse of each other. There’s a great tutorial for this technique HERE.



The second way to make Wonky Crosses uses one square for the background and 2 strips for the cross, making one block at a time. I seem to have a lot of strips in my scrap stash, so this works better for me. Here’s a quick tutorial on this technique. 

Step 1: Take your background square and slice it down the middle. You can angle it as much or as little as you want. I try to alternate my angle for each block so that i don’t end up with them all the same.

 wonky plus block 1

Step 2: Take a strip and sew it along one edge of the slice you made. Make sure that your strip overlaps a little on each end. The more angled you cut the background, the more length you’ll need.

wonky plus block 2

Step 3: Sew the other edge of the strip to the remaining cut edge of your background. Press your seams and lay the block back on your cutting mat. Cut a horizontal slice across your block, and insert the second strip the same way you did the first.

wonky plus block 3

step 4: Press your seams again, and trim your block to 10.5″ tall. You’re done!

3 responses to “June Block Lotto!

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  2. Hi Felicity. I’ve tried some of these wonky cross blocks. When I insert the second strip for the “cross” the first strip (the one that had to be cut to insert the second one) no longer looks straight. I’ve unpicked and sewn again but no luck. Is there a trick to getting strip one to look straight after strip two is inserted? Thanks!

    • Hi Elsie!

      i’m sorry, i didn’t see this until today. you can try to match the strips, but you really don’t have to. that’s just part of the wonkiness!

      when i am trying to match the strips, i use a ruler to follow the horizontal strip and mark on the edge of the strip i’m sewing. depending on how angled you made your cuts, this can be simple or not!