Round Robin: September Assignment

We’re in our penultimate month of the round robin! Exciting!

This month, we’re doing something a bit different with borders. We’ll be adding two borders, not necessarily adjacent, but in a placement that works with the quilt top as is and with its owner’s preferences (i.e. it’s an opportunity to help ensure the centre block ends up off-centre, if that’s what the maker stipulated).

  • first border: 6″ finished (6½” unfinished)
  • second border: 2″ finished (2½” unfinished))
  • theme: flying geese must appear in at least one of the borders
Borders shown adjacent as an example only.

Border positions are an example only.

Have fun and as always, please comment here or email me (felicity DOT quilts AT gmail DOT com) if you have any questions.

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