Book Review – Fabulously Fast Quilts

I was provided a copy of the eBook version of Amy Smart (Diary of a Quilter)’s book Fabulously Fast Quilts for review purposes.

Fabulously Fast Quilts

Lucky me! This book has the same look and feel to Amy’s popular blog, with bright and happy projects that are designed to come together quickly.

The book is divided into sections, each of which use a technique that can speed up the quiltmaking process: Strip Piecing, Quick Corners, Slick Slicing, and Stack, Slice and Shuffle. The patterns also make use of precuts in many instances – another way to cut time from the process.

Moroccan Tile

Amy introduces these techniques with some basic how-tos, and then we get to the projects!

I wouldn’t say there is a huge variety in the projects, but they’re all quite appealing, and this book would be a great one for a newer quilter.

Square Deal

I chose to test out the Buzz Saw block described in the Modern Buzz Saw pattern. Whenever you’re trying out a new pattern, it’s a good idea to do a test block first so you can work out any design kinks or discover things you may have overlooked when you first read the pattern.

For example, I didn’t really read the directions very closely and didn’t realize that I needed an additional strip of background fabric to make the Buzz Saw block. I just grabbed two sets of Layer Cake squares and got to work.

I also discovered that this block works best with a higher contrast between the main fabric and the background AND the fabrics you choose shouldn’t have a strong repeat in them (like the scissors print in my test block).

Wonderland Buzz Saw

I’ll definitely be making more projects from this book, and I would recommend this book as a good addition to anyone’s quilting library – it’s got some simply-designed quilts that have lovely impact and are quick to put together, making them appealing to beginner and advanced quilters alike. Win/win!

All quilt photos from Martingale.

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