November Block Challenge – Crop Circle Blocks

As revealed at the October meeting we are using the tutorial of our own Krista Hennebury, a.k.a. Poppyprint, to make some crop circle blocks. They involve some fusible interfacing and sewing curves, but don’t be intimidated as this is pretty darn easy. The link to her tutorial is here.

Crop Circle Block

For our challenge, please make your circles in patterned fabric 4.75″, which is the size of a CD, and attach it to an 8.5″ square of a solid colour that makes your circle pop.

(Tip: cut your square slightly larger than 8.5″ then trim after you’ve appliquéd the circle).

My sample is of pink owls on a blue background, and full disclosure: I made it after coming home from a four day trip and had about an hour to prep for the guild meeting so wasn’t looking forward to doing something too fussy. And it’s not! However, with me being slightly OCD, I might go back and top-stitch around the edge of the circle for some extra security. 

Each block = one chance to win the spotty lottery, so let’s make lots of dots!
Post written by: Niki.

4 responses to “November Block Challenge – Crop Circle Blocks

  1. Great challenge! I’ve made 4 blocks so far. After the first one, it occurred to me to try trimming the seam allowance of the circle with my pinking shears – no need to cut the notches and I got a smoother edge.

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  3. I have 12 of them on the go!

    I don’t have any of the interfacing, but the “non woven” made me think of all the dryer sheets I’ve been collecting. I used them instead so I could turn the circles inside out and it works great. You can’t iron them down to stick the circles in place, but I just pinned them on the background square till I got them sewn down. Also I was able to iron the edges of the circles to get them nice and round since the dryer sheets don’t have any sticky side.

    You can also overlap two pieces of dryer sheets about an inch and you’ll have a built in slot to turn the circle inside out – you don’t need to make that centre cut.

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