Polar Bear Swim, Anyone?

If you were at the December meeting, you heard Krista suggest that it would be fun to do the Polar Bear Swim on January 1st — we can bundle up in quilts when we are done and take a unique opportunity to show off some quilts!

It’s a free event but you need to register. All the details on the swim are at this link.

Don’t forget:

  • completed registration form
  • water shoes to wear (the worst of the cold is on  your feet when you get out of the water)
  • a quilt to wrap yourself in after the swim;
  • a change of clothes etc. as recommended in the article.

Who’s in? If you are planning to attend, leave a comment here or on the VMQG Facebook discussion group so we can look out for you. We’ll be meeting at the inukshuk statue at 1:30 pm!

One response to “Polar Bear Swim, Anyone?

  1. Brrrr–no, thank you! But hope all of you adventurous types out there have loads of fun on the big day!

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