Simple Gift Idea Tutorials

At our November meeting, several members showed us some quick and easy gift ideas for the holiday season. Regardless of what you celebrate in December, most holidays involve gift giving!

Kristyn showed us the stocking ornaments that she’d made. They’re a great scrapbuster, and look like they’d be a great assembly-line-style gift to make for a number of people.

Stacey D showed us about the owl ornaments that she makes every year. They’re mostly made of felt, but the glitter glue is a VERY important ingredient!

Holly showed us a simple child’s apron that she had previously made for her daughters and as gifts. It’s a Montessori apron, so it’s designed to be easy for children to put on and take off by themselves. The tutorial Holly followed was from Sew Liberated, and she posted about making  them on her own blog as well. Her tip was to make sure you buy the NON ADHESIVE velcro!

child's apron

Felicity taught us how to make fabric star ornaments, which are much easier to fold up nicely at home than they are while holding them up in front of 60 people! She’s blogged the tutorial on her own blog here.

folded star ornament

Amy showed us how to make fabric bowls of various sizes, perfect for little gifts, keys by the front door, thread ends by the sewing machine, or jewelery on your dresser. The tutorial Amy uses is from A Spoonful of Sugar Designs, and there is a second post with 3 different sizes available.

xmas bowls

Amy had a couple of tips to share as well:

– if you’re making a set of stacking bowls, you might want your gathering to be consistent between the bowls. in that case, use a 11″ binding strip on a 6″ diameter circle, instead of the 12″ in the post.

– if you’d like a fourth size bowl, use a 12″ diameter circle and a 21.5″ binding strip.

– when gathering, loosen your upper tension to zero and the threads will pull much easier.

– using different colours in the spool and in the bobbin will make it easy to remember which threads to pull, and helps use up bobbins with just a teeny bit of thread left on them.

pink bowl

And Jessica showed us how to make infinity scarves. She recommends this tutorial, but it doesn’t have photos. For photos of each step, check out this tutorial as well. For a long scarf that’s looped around twice, she suggests starting with fabric from 60″-72″ in length.  For a shorter cowl scarf, try 32″-36″.  Suggested fabrics: jersey knit, cotton gauze, voile, velvet, silk–basically, anything that drapes nicely.

jessica scarf1jessica scarf2

Here are a couple of suggested variants:

1)  For a shorter scarf, after sewing the tube and turning it right side out, tie a knot in the scarf before closing the loop.  The knot can be tightened or loosened to form different looks as shown here.

jessica scarf3

2)  Moebius scarf: use two pieces of fabric in contrasting colors.  When sewing the tube, start and stop 3″ from the ends on both sides.  Turn the tube right-side out, and add a half twist before closing the loop (you will match fabric A to fabric B on both seams).  


We hope we inspired you to whip up some handmade gifts this year!

(all photos courtesy of the members who shared with us)

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