Book Review- Free Motion Quilting for Beginners

Eileen took the time to read and review a new book for you to enjoy! Thanks Eileen!

I have just had the  pleasure of  reviewing Free-Motion Quilting for Beginners and those who think they can’t by Molly Hanson who blogs at   I chose this book because, despite being a reasonably experienced quilter, my own machine quilting skills are in definite need of improvement.  While I can adequately quilt in the ditch, echo quilt, matchstick quilt, and quilt concentric circles, when faced with the thought of  lowering those feed dogs, I tense up and and would rather do almost anything else! 

I read the book cover to cover.  Molly’s writing made it seem as if she was right there beside me, offering tips and encouragement, assuring me that even I could achieve good results.  She reminded me that key to learning any new skill is both practice, practice, practice and recognizing that early efforts are not going to be perfect.  That was a big yes! moment for me – I am always telling other quilters to not try to be perfect when they’re learning a new skill – but I had forgotten to apply that wisdom to myself.  Thank you Molly!!

Final B1278 Free-Motion Quilting for Beginners.indd
So I got to work, and, following Molly’s advice, I adjusted my workspace so that I could “sit pretty” with my elbows bent at a 90 degree angle while placing my palms and fingertips flat, thumbs touching, on my sewing surface.  Then, with book (Molly) beside me, and practice squares ready, I took a deep breath and gave it a try!

 Sample 2

In addition to sharing wisdom about machine quilting, Molly’s book includes 15 projects in which your new and/or improved machine quilting skills can be showcased.  Choose from tea towels, bags, ironing board covers, dog beds and quilts – there really is something for everyone!  I chose to make her Color Block Zip Bag, and found it the perfect size for attempting 2 designs -her favourite and most frequently used allover pebble fill, and swirl, another one of her most commonly-used quilting designs because of its versatility and good looks.  Molly’s instructions are easy to follow and well-illustrated.

Sample 3

Molly’s Color Block Zip Bag

  Sample 4 

My Bag!

Molly’s book is full of tips, tricks and reminders that really do help quilters overcome their fears and improve their skills, and I believe it would benefit any less-than-confident machine quilter.  She recommends only 5 essential tools for success – an open-toed darning foot, a cleaned and oiled sewing machine with an extension table, high-quality quilting needles and a sketch book – so I am sure most of us are well on our way!  However I am adding a 6th essential tool to that list – I don’t want to be without Free-Motion Quilting for Beginners and those who think they can’t by Molly Hanson!

 -Eileen C






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