VMQG Show!!!

Hey Everyone!  As mentioned at the meeting, I would be posting some information on the blog from Krista regarding a VMQG Show.  Yay!!!  So exciting for us!  Here is what Krista has put together for us.

Following the success of our VMQG Modern Mini Showcase last fall at the Vancouver Quilter’s Guild show, there was a sense of excitement around us having our very own show. The depth of talent in the VMQG is undeniable. We are in a great position to host our very own show; we have many enthusiastic guild members and there is a strong local interest in modern quilts. Let’s do this!

There are at least half a dozen traditional shows that take place annually in the Vancouver area. It is my desire to lead a group of VMQG members that are willing to try things differently: to create a gallery-type environment that will best show off our modern quilt designs. For an excellent example of what we’d like to see here in Vancouver, please take a look at the fabulous Montreal MQG recent show!

I have been on the organizing committee for 6 large traditional shows, so I am very aware of the lead time, quilter-power required and expenses involved. When you see a large show all hung on pipe and drape? The rental of that equipment alone can cost upwards of $5000-$8000. There are many other additional expenses, the largest of which is venue rental. For us starting out, this is likely out of reach.

We need to think differently.

I’m looking for a group of up to 5 volunteers to kick off discussions that include design & venue ideas for our show. No previous show-organizing experience is required. Eventually, there will be many more volunteers required to plan and run the show, including finance, venue, registration, set up, take down, publicity, quilt labels…etc. Now is the time for envisioning the show and finding a venue – there will be plenty of time for the work to make it actually happen.

If you cannot commit to planning at this time, but have suggestions regarding public exhibition space (venue name/contact person – please take a moment to do some preliminary research for us), or an interesting idea about how our show could stand out from the rest and best display our quilts, please share with me by emailing Krista.hennebury@shaw.ca

Want to be on the planning committee? Let me know at the same email address. We’ll have our first meeting in March once the people are in place and we can pick a workable date and central location.

This is definitely some great news!!!  I really hope this can be achieved.  We are crafty bunch!  Let’s put our collective heads together and paraphrasing what Krista has already said “do this!”


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  1. Hello, Awesome idea! If you wanted to start “small” I’m wondering if you could approach the Parks Board about setting up in an area of Stanley Park, where you could drape hang quilts from “clotheslines” set up between trees, draped over bicycles (with clear plastic underneath) or lines setup between weighted step ladders etc? Artists used to setup their paintings near the seawall at English Bay and there was a lot of public interest. You could maybe even term it as a slow “Flash Quilt Show” or whatever the term is when something is setup at the start of one day and then taken down at the end of the day. This idea would not earn money (i don’t think unless the parks board would allow it), but could help publicize the group perhaps… Another idea is to use the covered picnic area near 2nd beach … just a thought if you wanted to start small… Good Luck!

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