We have SO MUCH going on at our meeting at June 20th, and numerous people have told us that they aren’t going to be able to finish their English Paper Piecing challenge in time, especially those who were frantically finishing quilts for the Lions Gate Show last weekend, or spent several days learning from Latifah Saafir a few weeks before that, or the folks on our show committee who have been doing so much work for us.

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(judging by how few people have posted with the hashtag, a lot of you are behind!)

So we’re going to extend the deadline! Since July is our annual outdoor meeting, we’re going to give you all TWO extra months, and the new deadline will be our August meeting. For a recap of the challenge guidelines, check out the original post about it.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to do between now and the meeting though! 😉 The June meeting is our anniversary meeting, and it’s the deadline for multiple other things too.

– June 20th is the deadline to submit your quilts to our Quilt Show! Members will have received information about how to submit quilts via email and Krista also posted about this in the guild facebook group. Quilts do not have to be finished by the June 20th meeting, but they have to be finished enough for you to take a photo of it and know what the final dimensions will be. You might have enough time to finish the top of the quilt you were thinking about between now and then!

– June 20th is also the day to bring back your quilt blocks for Fort McMurray. These 20″ blocks go together fast, and if you’re attending the Friday Night Sew-In on June 17th, we encourage you to bring any you might have finished or in progress.

– June is also our anniversary meeting, and long time members know that we especially love door prizes in June! The guild has grown past the point of being able to have enough door prizes for everyone at the meeting, but we still love having lots, it adds to the party atmosphere! Small handmade items are appreciated, as are modern quilting themed supplies.

– Another part of our party atmosphere is goodies! The guild will be providing punch and cupcakes, but it’s always fun to have variety.

See you on June 20th!



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