Round Robin – October Assignment

Hello, Robins!

We are in the home stretch and the tops are looking really good.

For the next round we are going to pay homage to those who have gone before us, In Flanders Fields by John McCrae always comes to mind. It might be vintage theme at the next VMQG meeting, but the round robin will be marking the occasion with cross/plus blocks. The photo is of wonky crosses, but feel free to interpret this block design however which way suits your given top.

Please do one side on an end that will make the top more rectangular,  between 5″-7″ in width. And, at the opposite end add a 3″-4″ strip of one fabric, or  simply pieced if you must.

And, a gentle reminder to stitch 1/8″ on the edge to stabilize those seams. Otherwise they tend to unravel — a stitch in time, saves nine!

From With Heart on Hands.
Red Cross by Jenny Krouse (Krousegirl)


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