Vintage Quilts – November Meeting Special Show & Tell!!

“Old quilts are rich with information and inspiration for today’s quilters. They are full of ideas and knowledge found nowhere else.”  

Bill Volkening in Modern Roots: Today’s Quits from Yesterday’s Inspiration.

Many modern quilters study antique and vintage quilts for inspiration and some of the strongest trends in modern quilting owe a debt to previous generations of quilters.

Many of us have vintage quilts that may be cherished family heirlooms or awesome finds in thrift shops.  Sometimes the workmanship is exquisite and the quilt is in pristine condition; other times the quilt is  faded and the workmanship imperfect but the quilt has soul and an energy that draws us in. Whatever their history, we have kept these old quilts because they speak to us in some way.

For our November meeting we’re asking you to bring a vintage quilt to share and inspire.  We will have a special Show &  Tell segment for vintage quilts BEFORE the break.   

What is “vintage”?  There are lots of definitions around but I think this one will do – “”any quilt from the past that we can learn from or be inspired by”.

We will have a special door prize and every member who brings a vintage quit to share will be eligible to win.  

One response to “Vintage Quilts – November Meeting Special Show & Tell!!

  1. I love this idea so much! I can’t wait to share my great grandmother’s coverlet!

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