Round Robin – November Assignment

Hi, Robins!

Hope you are staying warm & dry as the winter weather sets in. It’s a good time to hunker down at the sewing machine basking in the warmth of the nearby iron. I imagine this from my desk as I gaze outside at the dark grey rainy out-of-doors.

This month’s assignment captures a more seasonal aspect of the upcoming holidays: snowballs. Quick and easy, and not quite a circle. Please make one row, 5″ to 6″, on the long side of the top.

By DruryGirl (Flickr)

By DruryGirl (Flickr)

2 responses to “Round Robin – November Assignment

  1. “Basking in the warmth of the nearby iron.” And here I thought I was having early hot flashes! When I’m sewing in the winter, I’m usually in a t-shirt while Gillian is bundled up in a sweater thinking I’m nuts. Between the sewing machine, the getting up and down constantly and the iron, it’s like having your own little heat oasis. Looking forward to making snowballs! I’ve not made them before. Thanks Niki!

  2. Those irons throw off a lot of heat! Mine sits next to me so I really feel it.

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