Stash Building Swap!

Several people have mentioned to us that they wish they had more variety in their stash, especially among low volume prints, since they look so great mixed together.

So! We’re going to try something new, and if it’s a success, maybe we’ll do it again!

At the June anniversary meeting, we’ll be swapping Fat Quarters of low volume fabrics.

What’s a low volume fabric? Low volume fabrics are often described using words or phrases like muted, low contrast, low key, and quiet. They’re light coloured fabrics that will show up as a solid or as a near solid if you were to take a black and white photo of your fabric stack. They usually have a neutral coloured background, and the prints are not super bold or loud. Low volume can be tone on tones, or it can be subtle prints. For more ideas about low volume, along with some pictures to help understand, check out this colour theory 101 and low volume post (scroll part way down for the low volume section), this post on Craftsy, or this blog post that shows some samples of quilts made with low volume prints..

Here’s how the swap works –

You bring a gallon ziplock bag clearly labelled with your name with 4 fat quarters in it. (see photo above)

Each person can bring up to TWO bags – that means 8 fat quarters, but keep them in separate bags for ease of swapping.

These need to be MODERN low volume prints. Please bring fabric of a quality that you would like to receive.*

Please limit the variety of prints per bag to two, for ease of swapping. (ie, please don’t bring 4 different fat quarters!)

Fat quarters can be either US or Canadian, either size is fine. If you bring Canadian size FQs, be aware that you might receive US size FQs back.

When you arrive at the June meeting, there will be a table set up to drop your bag(s) off. Amy will swap the fat quarters between the bags, and after the meeting, you’ll come back and pick up your bag, with 4 new FQs in it!


Easy peasy, right? We’ll do what we can to make sure you don’t get the same print back, but please feel free to swap among yourselves if you end up with something you already have.


*It’s not fun, but we reserve the right to not swap your fabric if it doesn’t fit the guidelines. We have to be fair to others who do.

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