VMQG Upcycle Challenge

Following Amanda Ward’s talk on quilting with repurposed materials, the guild’s next challenge is to “Upcycle”.

The Challenge: Make a quilted item using recycled material.

You won’t be using your own old stuff for this challenge – you’ll be getting some “new to you” old stuff.

Bring a gently used item to May’s meeting that can be upcycled. The item could be any fibre (including unknown), any colour, size, texture, etc. Think old clothes (t-shirts, ties, scarves, shirts, etc. ), linens, thrift store finds, fabric swatches, vinyl, canvas, leather, pleather, nylon – the weirder the better.

The item should be:
in good condition (i.e. worth sewing)
capable of being sewn by a regular domestic sewing machine

Before coming to the meeting fold the item it up tightly and tie it with string or a fabric strip (i.e. so that no one can see what it is). You could bring it in a paper bag if you want but we were going for zero waste with this. Then at the break we’ll swap everyone who brought an item one can take one. Could be fun to see who can bring the most bizarre stuff.

The challenge then is to create a quilt, pouch, bag, mug rug, pin cushion, place mats or any other quilted item incorporating some of the item you picked up at the May meeting.

Deadline: Bring your completed challenge to the September VMQG Meeting for a special Show & Tell.

Hash tags: What’s a challenge without special hash tags? #VMQGUpcycleChallenge

With thanks to Sheri Lynn Wood for inspiring this challenge. Here is the link to her blog post that started this challenge idea. http://daintytime.net/2016/08/11/make-do-challenge/

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