June Meeting with Stacey Day – Early Reminder

I wanted to give all members early notification about our June program.  Our former member and Executive member, Stacey Day, has recently launched a fabulous new book, Child’s Play Quilts. (She is still a member of the MQG and FVMQG but moved too far away to attend our meetings on a regular basis with all she has going on).

Stacey has been published in many magazines, including American Quilter, McCall’s Quilting, Modern Quilts Unlimited and Quiltcon Magazine.  She will also be lecturing and teaching at Quilt Canada in Vancouver in May.  Stacey also designs quilts for Tula Pink and will be teaching alongside Tula on a quilting cruise this August.  You may or may not know that Stacey designed this quilt…. Wow!!

We are pleased that Stacey will be our guest speaker at our June meeting and will be doing a trunk show for us.  If you had planned to buy her book, perhaps wait until June and buy it directly from her as she will be bringing copies to our meeting.  If you have already purchased it, I am sure she will be happy to sign it for you at the meeting.

In the meantime, you can visit her at https://staceyinstitches.com/

We are looking forward to hosting you Stacey.

Update: Stacey tells me that she will be charging $30 cash for the book.  She also accepts Square but they will be $31.50 if you pay by Square.

2 responses to “June Meeting with Stacey Day – Early Reminder

  1. Thank you! I am so excited to come back and visit you all!!

  2. someone asked me at the meeting if we could find out in advance what the price of the book would be, so that she could bring exact change. could that be edited into the post, or included in the e-mail reminder?

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