QuiltCon 2020 Charity Quilt Challenge: “Hear my words”

Hello Friends,
It’s time to start working on next year’s charity quilt challenge for Quiltcon. The theme for 2020 – “TEXT” – presents us with an exciting opportunity to create a really meaningful and impactful quilt, especially given the politics and events going on in the world today. Berene Campbell will be coordinating the VMQG entry, and has a great social justice concept for it. Since there’s a lot of talking (sometimes ranting) and opinion out there, and not a lot of listening to each other, Berene thought it would be interesting to use a simple statement repeated multiple times to make a strong point. Each block will contain a speech bubble with the same words in it: “HEAR MY WORDS” This statement is about the need we all have to be heard, and to be treated kindly, fairly and with respect. It could represent women being denied a chance to voice their feelings or experiences, those fighting for equal rights based on race, religion or sexual orientation, or the left and right sides in politics not listening to or respecting each other to work collaboratively. Perhaps to you it is relevant at work, within your community or even at home. Perhaps the missing indigenous women in Canada who had no voice have impacted you strongly. What might these words mean to you? When do you feel that your words are not heard? 

Berene is asking people to contribute blocks within the following parameters:
CONCEPT: Must contain a speech bubble with the words “HEAR MY WORDS” in it. (No quotation marks as it will be in a speech bubble) No alternative words please. The repetition is what will make this concept impactful. (You may add an exclamation mark or period if you wish.)
TECHNIQUE:The following techniques are OK:Improv* pieced(*see tips at end of post)FPP or pieced using an alphabet pattern Hand-stitched needle turn appliqué. Neatly edge-stitched bias tape appliqué (might be very fiddly within the size options though)Please no raw edge / iron-on appliqué or die cut letters.
SIZE:Blocks that are in dimensions of either 12.5”, 18.5” or 24.5”. (eg: Could be 12.5” x 24.5” or 18.5” x 12.5” etc.)Please press to the dark side when possible.
DEADLINE:October meeting please. You are welcome to hand them in earlier, or ask a friend to deliver them on your behalf if you won’t be making the meeting.Thanks!

The color palette from the MQG is shown here. Black, White and COOL greys. (Please no beige greys) 

This palette is unique and more restrictive this year to coordinate with the text theme by using shades of gray, white, and black.

You may use a limited amount of modern text or textured prints that are monochromatic or even tone-on-tone prints. Please note that these should NOT include other colours – stick to the white, black & cool grey colour palette. Note: the speech bubbledoes NOT have to be white. Mix and match within the colour palette. It could be grey or black with contrasting text and background. (Eg: black speech bubble, white text, grey background. Or grey speech bubble, black text, white background. etc) 
The MQG website has colours from various brands of solids listed here if you are interested:


ADDITIONAL OPTION: We would encourage each maker to write a short paragraph about what these words mean to you. You may sign it with your name or it can be confidential, your name does not have to be attached. Depending on how many blocks we get, if we are able to we will try to incorporate the stories onto the quilt back somehow. This is optional, but would definitely add to the emotions behind this quilt. 
These quilts are donated to charities after Quiltcon. Usually the individual guilds get to choose the charity, although apparently the MQG may be changing this next year. However, we thinking this would ba an awesome quilt to donate to a women’s shelter or some kind of equal rights advocacy organization. We’ll let you know once we have more info from the MQG.
Yes, you may share online! If posting use: #quiltconcharityquilt2020 and #hearmywordsquilt
This is going to be a very special quilt, friends. Please participate to make it AWESOME!

THANKS TO: Arita & Janice for offering to help piece the quilt top. Laura for offering to long arm the quilt and Elizabeth for offering to bind the quilt. 
*TIPS FOR IMPROV PIECING TYPE: In order to stay within the size limits start with some 3/4” and 1 “ strips of the word colour fabric. This will help you restrict the size of the words so that you don’t end up with a giant block. Do a rough sketch that breaks down the structure of the letter. Start with a section and work your way out. Don’t stress – wonky is OK. Just be sure to have nice 1/4” seam allowances to maintain the integrity of the quilt when washed. Once you have a block for your speech bubble, piece some background over the corners to turn it into a rounded shape. Then piece a pointy bit in a section of background fabric for below the speech bubble and attach.

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