Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild

2020 Mini Quilt Challenge Let’s Hear It for TEN!

The theme for the 2020 Modern Mini Challenge is: TEN

The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild is turning 10 this year and to celebrate we are making TEN the theme of this year’s mini challenge and highlighting our new logo colours.

Feel free to interpret TEN any way you wish. For inspiration, Google TEN and look at the images that pop up.   You can also consider including ten shapes, ten miniature blocks, ten quilting techniques, basically ten of anything you like.

Modern Mini Specifications

– Perimeter must be 40” total: (10” x 10” x 10” x 10”)
– Design must feature elements of the modern aesthetic — design characteristics adopted by the modern quilting community:

– use of negative space
– alternate grid construction
  – improvisation                   
– minimalism                                        
–  bold geometric design  
– modern traditionalism (a new interpretation of traditional blocks)

– Must be bound or faced
– Must have a 4” sleeve sewn on to the back of the quilt to accommodate quilt show display pipe
– Must have a label on the back identifying the maker’s name and quilt title
– Must be made with one or more of the new VMQG logo Kona colours (Please only use these colours for this challenge):  Nightfall, Kumquat, Aloe,Wasabi, and White.
Hashtag to use #vmqgcelebrating10years

FQ bundles of these colours are available for guild members to purchase for $15.00 each and will be mailed to your homes, mailing addresses or anywhere within Canada you want it mailed to.  To get one of these bundles please email the executive ()with your name and preferred address. For payment we can accept e-transers () or we can give you an IOU and we can collect when we start to meet again. 

Deadline is to be determined.  Executive will keep you updated.