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We’ll use the hashtags

Let’s start the new year connecting with other guild members with a fun and easy group activity! We’ll be making a collection of small geometric blocks in a choice of 3 colour palettes, then using them to each design our own mini mod quilt. (Or zippy pouch, bag or pillow. Your choice!) There are a variety of blocks to choose from, mostly using regular piecing, but there are also a few FPP templates and a mini curve template in the mix. You may design your own geometric version too if you wish.

As we did with the Connected Project, participants will be put into groups – we will have groups of 5 for this project. You will mail your group mates their blocks, and you’ll receive the same number of blocks in return. So you will get sweet snail mail from VMQG friends and your finished project will have a spot of lovely collective energy juju.

Here is the scoop on how it will work:
• Pick a colour palette + a background colour when you sign up
• Groups: Participants will be arranged in groups of 5 people
• You make 30 blocks in each group members colour palette choice
• Block size: 2”x2” unfinished / 1½” finished
• Fabric: Solids only please (no prints, grunge, batiks or textures)
• Please no prints, textures, grunge, batiks etc.
• If you don’t have any solid fabric in your stash, Berene has offered to send you some from her stash. (Request it on the sign up form.)
• At least 3 block variations per person – it is variety that makes the finished collection of blocks awesome
• Keep: 6 blocks for yourself.
• Send: 4 people x 6 blocks each = 24
• Receive: 4 envelopes x 6 blocks back = 24
• You end up with 30 blocks (incl the ones you made for yourself) tp play with. (You can add more for a bigger project.)

Colour Palette + a Background Colour Option

Sign up by: December 31
Receive your group info & the instructions by: Jan 10
Mailing deadline: Jan 31
Show & Share mini mod projects: March meeting

Are you in? Yippee!
Sign up here: