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Round Robin – September Assignment (XOXO Blocks)

With September being the back to school/back to routine life for many of us, I was toying with the idea of doing text blocks. Upon further consideration, I didn’t want you to hate me (guaranteed I would be cursing myself … Continue reading

Round Robin – August Assignment (Square in a Square)

Greetings. Robins: Hope you are surviving the heat and the smoky Vancouver air. Indoor activities like sewing are recommended! For August we are going to KISS (keep it simple, silly) a couple more sides with square in a square blocks. … Continue reading

Round Robin – July Assignment (Quarter-Square Triangles)

Happy July, Robins! As we are passing through the midway point of our RR projects, the tops are taking shape and character. As you know, good design usually involves some form of repetition. This month’s assignment of quarter-square triangles will echo April’s assignment … Continue reading

Round Robin – June Assignment (Drunkard’s Path)

Happy near-summer, Robins! With the warm-hot weather already upon us, the tasty cold and maybe adult beverages are one way to unwind. Another fun diversion (or concurrent depending on how you roll) is sewing up a few drunkard’s path/quarter circle … Continue reading

Round Robin – May Assignment (Snowballs)

We’ve got July weather in May, so am going to throw in something even more topsy/turvy: snowballs. Snowballs are like circles but without the curves. We will get to curves, but let’s start easy. Please do two sides of snowballs … Continue reading

Round Robin – April Assignment (Half-Square Triangles)

Hello, Robins! Another month, another round. This month we’re going to do half-square triangles (HSTs) because they are classic, not too fussy, and are fun to play around making different arrangements with. They are a design motif with deep roots … Continue reading

Round Robin – March Assignment (Rails)

Happy first day of spring, Robins! With the warmer weather and the longer days, we are going to make a block that nods to the outdoors: rail fence. There seem to be a lot drab rail fence quilts on the … Continue reading

Round Robin – February Assignment (Heart Blocks)

Feeling the love, Robins? It seems obvious for February, I know! But we have never done heart blocks for the round robin and I kept seeing cute ones on my IG feed and couldn’t resist joining in. Please do two … Continue reading

Round Robin 2018

Welcome all to Round Robin 2018! Welcome to the FIFTH VMQG Round Robin! Niki is continuing on as our coordinator for this round and it is going to be great! The centre blocks should be 12″-14″, either square or rectangle. … Continue reading

Round Robin – December Assignment

Happy holidays, Robins! Are you ready for the last round? Gonna keep it easy-peasy and seasonal: trees! This is in keeping with my overall RR plan for 2017 – long lines and pointy points.  Please do one side in a size that complements … Continue reading