Vancouver MQG Bursary Fund

The VMQG offers numerous workshops throughout the year, designed to appeal to the widest array of member interests as possible. It is important to us that everyone who wants to attend a workshop is able to do so, and that the cost of the workshop is not an obstacle.

Research on the impact of the pandemic has revealed deep structural inequalities in our society and disproportionately impacted certain individuals and groups—including racialized people, women, low income people, the elderly, people with disabilities, people who are experiencing homelessness, and those with precarious migration status. These differences reflect disparities and inequalities not only in health but in our society more generally and limit access to various programs and services.

In the quilting world, many of us are able to afford the cost of a workshop, but at the same time, many are not. Recognizing this fact, the Executive has proposed to establish the VMQG Bursary Fund, which has been seeded with an initial budget allocation of $300. (Note: This Budget allocation was approved by the VMQG membership in the fall of 2020).

VMQG Bursary Eligibility:
Any VMQG member in good standing may apply using the form found on the Workshops and Sew-Ins tab on the VMQG website (see below). Members are invited to apply for more than one Bursary per fiscal year, however, depending on demand, we may have to limit the number of awards to an individual.

Application process:
Applications should be submitted within 7 days of the workshop announcement, and will be reviewed by one of the Education Committee co-chairs. If there are multiple applications for a workshop, the recipient(s) will be selected by a Random Number Generator.

Bursary recipients will be directly notified by an email from the Education Committee co-chair.
All Bursary recipients will remain anonymous.

If you want to help:
In the spirit of paying it forward, we invite VMQG members who are able to donate to the Bursary Fund to e-transfer any amount to ; please include the words “Donation to the Bursary Fund” on the transfer form.

Please note that these donations are not eligible for a charitable tax receipt since VMQG is not a registered charity.

As part of every workshop announcement, there will also be an opportunity for members to contribute an extra $5.00 or $10.00 in addition to the workshop fee; these extra funds will be directly transferred to the Bursary Fund.

If you have questions about the Bursary please email the Education Committee at

Thank you for your generosity towards your fellow Guild members.