December – Woven Block

This coming month the challenge block is a woven block, simple in theory yet has visual punch. The neutral is solid navy (in my samples I used Kona Storm and could make many blocks from one fat quarter) with saturated solids for bars. Ski jackets came to mind while putting these together.

Woven Blocks

Cut your strips 2.5″. Then cut four 2.5″ blocks and four 4.5″ blocks. Line up the 2.5″ blocks on a strip of navy, chain-stitch and then trim. Sew onto 4.5″ as shown. Then sew the two halves together. Done!

block pieces before assemby

The link to the Fons & Porter YouTube video show some great little tricks for speedy assembly.

Fons & Porter Woven Block Demo

Looking forward to seeing your finishes!

One response to “December – Woven Block

  1. These instructions are rather vague. It would be helpful if the finished block size would be stated, along with information on colors. Are any solid colors acceptable? (No patterns at all?) How many strips are needed of each colour and each size to make one block. This would be helpful when gathering material/scraps.

    Also the link provided is a video covering a pattern that goes beyond the woven block and I was hoping for some info on the material needed but the pattern was not easily found ( Again, please be more specific.

    Please also provide info re: block lottery or challenge. I recall one block = one ticket for a ch ace to win all the blocks. Enter as many blocks as you like. Is this correct?!

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