June – Flag Block

Flag blocks

Niki sharing her Flag blocks at our June guild meeting (with help from lovely assistants Amy and Felicity!)

We are keeping it simple (KIS) this month with happy, summery polka-dot pennant blocks by Moda Bake Shop.

The instructions on the Moda Bake Shop website are for cutting from a layer cake but to KIS it for our choice block cut out:

·         One 6.5” square in polka-dot fabric;

·         Two 3.5” squares in same fabric;

·         One 6.5” x 3.5” rectangle in white;

·         One 2.5” x 1.5” rectangle in yellow; and

·         One 8.5” x 2.5” strip in white.

Once you have these ready, sew yourself a flying geese block like this:


Photo by LeAnne Ballard for Moda Bake Shop Tutorial

Sew it to the bottom of the 6.5” square. I pressed most of the seams open for maximum flatness.

Then sew the yellow bit to the strip and attach it to the right side of the block, like this:


Please don’t trim as it makes it easier for the winner to do it once they have them all together and might need some wiggle room. Whoever has the lucky number will need to add sashing to the first blocks on the left side. A small price to pay for what could be a banner win!

If you want to see the detailed instructions by LeAnne Ballard on the Moda Bake Shop site, they are here.

One block = one chance to take all of them home, so make a few (chain-piece them!) and we will have a great display outside at Trout Lake Park.


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