March – Curved Piecing

It’s finally here! The challenge you all have been waiting for!!

The block lotto for March is CURVED PIECING!


We have had numerous requests for a curved piecing challenge, and we thought March would be the perfect time to give it a shot. We will be using the tutorial from Mack and Mabel, and excellent and well written, easy to follow tutorial for 1/4 circles. CLICK HERE for the tutorial. At the very end is a video tutorial on pinless curved seams.

Each 1/4 circle block should be 4 1/2″ Unfinished. For each 4 1/2″ block you bring in, you get one entry into the block lotto. Luckily for everyone, the tutorial yields FOUR blocks! Thats an automatic four entries as long as you follow the tutorial! Woo hoo! And to simplify things, we have drawn up the template for you! Just Click on the link below.

8 inch quarter circle template

The color theme for this challenge is bright modern blenders paired with a white solid. As in the tutorial, you can have either the blender or white as the circle or the background. Mack and Mable provides numerous layout examples as inspiration for the lucky winner!

A Rainbow of Bright Modern Blenders for example

A Rainbow of Bright Modern Blenders for example

TIPS: The instructions are given for printing the correct size circle on freezer paper, HOWEVER (and this is important) if you use a Laser Printer, DO NOT PRINT ON FREEZER PAPER. Laser printers melt the waxy coating on the freezer paper and gum up the printer (Ask me how I know) If you have a laser printer, print the circle template onto regular paper and then carefully trace it onto the freezer paper. Deskjet and Inkjet prints are fine.

Where to find Freezer Paper? I have found it in the food wrap aisle at pretty much every grocery store. You can also buy it as pre cut or specialty cuts on Amazon or online at fabric supply shops.

Jeffersons also carries pre-cut freezer paper packs. The 12″x15″ packs of 40 are $7.20, and the 8.5″x11″ packs of 50 are $6.77. The C. Jenkins brand is thicker than the standard wrap aisle stuff so it prints better and has more stability to it. There are also a couple other brands that Jeffersons carries.

Have Fun!!

2 responses to “March – Curved Piecing

  1. I’m having a problem getting the 8 inch circle template to print out at 8 inches wide. The first one was 7 inches wide. I tried it again with the ‘non scaling’ option, and it printed as 7.25 inches wide.

    I’m just going to draw my own 8 inch circle, but thought others might want to measure their templates before using them.

  2. Hi Terry, thanks for the heads up. I double checked the print file and did one out at home and it came out to 8″. Sorry I don’t know what to tell you. =(

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