May – Butterfly String Block

Rainy Season is over, and the city is in full bloom! Blue Sky, lush flowers and foliage, and the butterflies are coming out! Time to celebrate with this month’s block lotto!

Our tutorial comes from Faith @Fresh Lemons. It is her Birds, Bees, and Butterfly Strand tutorial. CLICK HERE FOR THE TUTORIAL The focus of this particular block lotto is Improv with Intent, which is a valuable Modern Quilting skill.

We will be making our blocks exactly the same as in the tutorial, squares to 8 1/4″.


You know that scrap triangle piece you cut off the starting white square? Well, how about using your newfound skills to turn THAT piece into a Butterfly Strand block as well! Use the same Improv with Intent technique from the larger block to build up the scrap triangle, and bring it trimmed to 5 1/2″ square ( or as close as possible)  as a bonus block entry. These blocks will be all different sizes, so the winner can use their new found improv skills to make a lovely modern quilt!

TWO block lotto pools from one block! What more could one ask for? Bring your squared blocks back to the June meeting for some awesome fun! (Hint: Someone is having anniversary in June, and it might just be us….)

Our colors for this lotto are (according to the Kona Color Name): Papaya, Melon, Peapod and Pool. Some yummy colors perfect for a bright springy summer day!

Use prints or solids, as long as the dominant color is as close to the challenge colors as possible. Here is a hand color grid for you! The first color in each row is the Kona Solid, and the rest of the row is an example of a print that is close to that color. we will be using a solid white for the background square.


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