October – Modern Maple Leaf

It’s definitely fall now and between the rain and the wind, the leaves are coming off the trees in crunchy, colourful drifts. T’is the inspiration for this month’s block lotto: modern maple leaf blocks.

Modern how? By swapping the usual coloured leaf for a solid background and low-volume for the leaf itself. Like this sample I posted on Instagram:

My modern maple blocks.

After much poking around the internet I found that the Mariner’s Quilt Guild had the simplest-for-me tutorial, in PDF format no less. NOTE – They have the solid leaves, we are doing low-volume leaves : https://marinersquiltguild.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/maple-leaf-quilt-block-pattern.pdf

We are making 9″ blocks, so whatever tutorial speaks to your brain’s wiring go ahead and use it but please use the Mariners’ measurements so that they all fit together in what could be a fab fall quilt to cosy up on the couch with.

Background fabric – solid orange on the orange/pumpkin end of the spectrum.
Leaf fabric – a mix of low-volume prints (meaning they read as neutral).

For each block that is entered into the draw you get a chance to win the lot. And, if posting your blocks your blocks on Instagram, please use the hashtag #vmqgblocklotto.