August – Lightning Bolts

Get out your solids for this month’s striking block lotto challenge: LIGHTNING BOLTS! My flash of inspiration came from Amy’s improv challenge prompt of the Sea-to-Sky Hwy with the zigzagging road and the forest (fires) led my imagination to nature’s fire works.

As this is the modern quilt quild, we are going to go a little glam rock with them in bright solids in whatever colours light up your brain.

Made by Niki Storr based on free pattern by Crafter Without a Cat.

I will bring some copies of the pattern to the August 20th meeting, but if you are printing the PDF from the webpage, reverse it because if you are like me and are used to sewing a paper pieced block on the printed side it will come out backwards. Ask me how I know…

Please add a quarter inch seam allowance, if you trim, and keep the paper on for stability.

A reminder that for every block submitted to the block lotto you get a chance to win all of them!

Original source:

Tips on paper piecing: