February – Converging Corners

Another month where the block lotto is going to echo the Vancouver improv project, and since the prompt is reminiscent of a log cabin we are going to revisit a past block lotto that was very popular in 2014: Film in the Fridge’s converging corners!

I ended up doing my samples twice because my strips were too narrow to get to the desired 12.5″ in the number of steps that are shown in the tutorial (I struggle with perfectionistic impulses), so my advice is to keep them in the 2″-2.5″ range.

Fabrics: White with any modern fabric you wish to gamble with. It’s a fascinating block because it can take on so many different looks depending on how they are assembled. 


A reminder that for every block you bring in to the next meeting, you get a ticket to win the lot. Or two lots, if there are enough to split. 🙂