March – Double Hourglass Block

As we announced in January, our Block Lotto this year is going to echo the Vancouver Improv Sampler. This month’s VIS inspiration is the Lions Gate Bridge, which has some great X’s in the bridge supports, so we’re going with an X inspired block, the Double Hour Glass block.

We’ll be following this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew, and for a colour palette, we’re going with prints that are bright cheerful SPRING colours paired with solid white for contrast.

examples of spring colours

Spring colours aren’t necessarily pastels, but they are bright and cheerful. Go with a chartreuse rather than a forest green, and a lilac rather than a royal purple. Think about a bouquet of spring flowers! Chose fabrics that will have a strong contrast with the solid white, so prints that are too light won’t work as well (like most yellows, and some pastels).

The tutorial by Cluck Cluck Sew has a technique that may be new to some of you, using a template to cut out fabric. We encourage you to try it, and see how you like it. If you’re having a hard time, try cutting a template out of printer paper and taping it onto an acrylic ruler, and see if you find that easier.  (for an example of taping the template to a ruler, refer back to the tutorial from last May’s Block Lotto, the 60 degree triangle)

The tutorial doesn’t have very much information about trimming the blocks down, but it will be necessary to trim your blocks to 6.5″ unfinished after you sew them. Line the diagonal line on your ruler up with the diagonal line in the block, and match the 3.25″ marking with the centre of the block, and trim.

Make as many blocks as you like, and bring them to the April meeting. Remember, every block you make is an entry to win them all!*


*(or half of them, if we get a huge response!)