Round Robin – April Assignment

Hi, Robins:

Wondering where this RR is going? Hang in there and these tops will come together. We are just at that awkward early stage and it will pass like the spring rains.

This month our assignment is to make pinwheel blocks. So, taking those triangles from last month and spinning them around. A quick scan of the internet and you will see many versions of the traditional pinwheel. Go with what you think works for your partner’s top.

Pinwheels by Gail Kessler, Craftsy instructor.

Where to put them? On the opposite side of the top from the triangles. If there are two rows of triangles then do two rows of pinwheels (or if you want to play with scale do one side of pinwheels the same size as the double row of triangles). The aim is to balance things out.