Round Robin – March Assignment

Happy spring Robins!

Hope you are all feeling energized by the longer daylight hours as I increase the demands on our creativity a notch. I see that some of you have already taken creative licence and made your center blocks a generous size – that’s okay but we are going to even things up a little.

This month will be triangles because I love the triangles: So much pay off with a simple shape. Your assignment is to make one side of any type of triangles of your choice, about 3″-4″ in size, BUT if the project that you have is less than 20″ in height or width, then kindly do two rows on one side – stacked. Aim to keep the piece squarish.

Beth at Sew Mama Sew has this great tutorial and design suggestions for multiple rows of triangles:

Amy Smart at Diary of a Quilter also shows us how to use a 60 degree triangle template:

Sew Mama Sew

Sew Mama Sew